Here's how it works:

Your facility is divided up into manageable zones and electronic stations are quickly fixed around these zones. The stations are strategically placed to ensure that all areas of each zone are visually checked by the cleaning staff.

Your cleaning personnel then perform regular cleaning patrols using an electronic data recorder with the goal of ensuring that every station is visited regularly within a realistic time-frame.

As well as recording the station visits on the hand-held data recorder, cleaning personnel also record the types of clean-ups performed.

At the end of the shift, the recorded patrol data is downloaded to a computer for viewing, checking, printing and storage

Data is stored on your computer indefinitely for easy retrieval when a claim is received and it can be printed out for 3 year storage as required by law.



The graphical computer display (shown below) makes it quick and easy to visually check staff performance and quickly highlights any potential problems. 



The Hardware














Data Recorder


The data recorder is robust, waterproof and uses internal re-chargeable batteries. It requires no maintenance and comes complete with a belt-clip carry-case.



Interface Charger

The recorder is placed in an Interface-Charger to download visits to your computer and to recharge the internal batteries.




The stations come in two styles and fix to door frames or walls using tamperproof security screws (provided).


 CheckPoint CleanRecord is manufactured in the U.K. by CheckPoint Patrol Systems Ltd